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Business Services

Alongside our well-trained and responsive team of Myanmar professionals we have supported many growth oriented clients on their Myanmar investments, acquisitions, joint-ventures, projects and reforms, including well-known global multinationals, banks and multi-lateral agencies, North and South-East Asian corporates and emerging Myanmar champions. Our team wants to help you and Myanmar grow and prosper.

We have developed a range of new services specifically designed to help responsible investors manage the current challenges in Myanmar.


We can assist you in registering your business in Myanmar. From start-ups, SMEs to large multinationals we have experience in registering fully compliant businesses.


Our corporate secretarial and compliance services assists in managing and mitigating risk of corporate non-compliance. Our clear and transparent service offerings will ease your administrative burden and allow you to focus on running your business.


Starting a business in Myanmar does not need to be difficult. We can assist you in the early days of your operations here with providing remote office services, translation services and other operational support.


From understanding the business licence requirements in Myanmar and the application of local laws to the verification of your current licensing compliance, our experienced team is here to help with any business licence matters.


From onboarding new employees, ensuring compliance with local laws and making all the necessary filings, our specialists are able to help.


Accounting and bookkeeping work can take up a significant amount of time and resources. Our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services can be fully tailored to your requirements - anything from assisting with the filing of financial reports to managing all accounting and bookkeeping requirements, leave it to us.


Protecting your brand requires registering and defending your trademarks. Our registered trademark agents are able to complete the necessary registrations, provide ongoing support to decet any infringements and advise on options to defend trademarks.


We work together with a team of internationally experienced experts located in Myanmar and abroad, who are able to provide a comprehensive range of environmental, social and governance services fulfilling international standards but within local context. The team can assist with drafting relevant policies and procedures, mechanisms and checklists for company operations and assist with obtaining environmental permits.

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