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Human Resources

Employment contract and handbook preparation

All employees are required to enter into an employment agreement when being employed by your business. The employment agreement needs to satisfy certain requirement under Myanmar law and be based on the official standard form employment agreement.

We can assist with preparing employment agreements and employee handbooks which comply with the requirements of Myanmar law.

Employee registrations

When onboarding new employees, it is a requirement that all employment agreements are registered with authorities. Employers must also ensure that employees are registered with the social security board and make their social security contributions.

Our experienced compliance team can make sure that all the necessary requirements are satisfied and that all newly onboarded employees are fully compliant.

General HR compliance

Employment and labour matters are regulated in Myanmar by a variety of different laws and regulations. Retaining a handle on these can be a challenge. Our legal team are well acquainted with these laws, advising locally operating businesses and being involved in the law reform process. We are able to provide practical and actionable advice on any human resources obstacles which may arise.


Managing payroll takes time and is resource intensive. We can assist with managing your payroll which includes:

  • running payroll calculations for your payment cycle

  • provide payslips for salary distribution

  • updating employee information and setting up new employees

  • calculate, report and organise payment of withheld personal income tax

  • social security registration, reporting and payment

  • working with banks to organise employee accounts

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