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Myanmar concessional import licence fees have ended

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has announced the end of concessional fees for obtaining import licences.

One of the Covid-19 relief measures implemented by the MOC was setting a fixed import licence fee of MMK30,000 per import licence. This had been extended to 31 May according to notification 46/2021 issued on 27 April 2021. Starting from 1 June 2021 licence fees will revert to those stated in MOC notification 58/2019, dated 10 October 2019.

Now, the import license fees will be based on the price of the imported goods calculated on a cost, insurance and freight basis (CIF).

The fees under the Notification (58/2019) are:

The application for the import license can be made online or in person.

For online applications, applicants can use the Trade Net Website or can visit the Office of Public Access Centre in person to submit an application.

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